Lemon handles 12 types of cancers

Citrus fruits, which are intensive studies in laboratories and laboratories world, and the latest findings of medicine in this area was published in the Institute of Health Sciences of the United States of America, confirmed the strange ability to kill cancer cells at a rate of 10 thousand times stronger than chemotherapy.
After more than a test was conducted in 20 testing laboratories in one of the global pharmaceutical companies since 1970 it has been discovered lemon ability to destroy malignant cells in 12 types of cancers, including colon, chest, lung, prostate and pancreatic cancer.
The lemon vehicles slow down the growth of these cells and crashing without damaging healthy cells.
Called lemon title of "Queen of fruit" trees because it is characterized by its diversity of lemon varieties, and can be addressed in different ways and eat the sweet pulp and lemon juice drink.
And is one of the richest fruits in vitamin "b" and "c" are necessary for the formation of red blood and the production of antibodies and the health of teeth and gums and bones balls.
Lemon also depends on addressing cysts and eliminate parasites and worms and microbes and fungi and bacterial organizing a severe blood pressure elevation and the treatment of depression and neurological disorders and the fight against obesity.
Discovery talk to prove its effectiveness against malignant tumors of all kinds and opens the door of hope to the millions of people who suffer from this dangerous disease, plus it is a lifeline for the supply of healthy benefits to escape the cancer and the prevention of infection.

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