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10 Foods Rich In Magnesium

10 Foods Rich In Magnesium


Magnesium necessary for a person metals. It functions to activate the enzymes responsible for supplying the body with energy and control of sugar metabolism. The body does not produce magnesium but claim a food. Known here ten deli rich in magnesium. Bananas: Bananas contain magnesium along with a lot of potassium and vitamin C as well. This all adds up quickly to the brain and improves mood and makes you sleep better. Fish: Are also foods rich in magnesium and more fish rich in magnesium are "fish turbot Giant" and "Common sole" Oranges: Delicious fruit taste and smell good and rich in magnesium. The interest exists, whether it is eating oranges in the form of fresh juice or eat pieces of it directly or put it in desserts and pastries, and others. Nuts: Light, tasty and healthy foods. Besides magnesium nuts contain many nutrients and other value, in the coconut, for example, there folic acid and zinc, riboflavin and vitamin E and K potassium. Lentils: Of delicious beans. It contains one hundred grams of lentils to about 75 mg of magnesium and when the meal includes food and lentil soup or vegetable soup F. This means that you are moving towards a healthy diet and quickly. Natural rice (brown) rice:White rice is distinct from that shell did not remove it completely. It contains one hundred grams of brown rice on 157 mg of magnesium. No more than twice almost the same amount of white rice, which stripped completely shell. Meat birds: Meat birds contain magnesium, this important element of duck meat and frequently, turkeys and geese in particular. Whole-grain bread (brown bread): In addition to the magnesium whole grain bread contains other vital minerals such as iron, sodium, copper, phosphorus, as well as many vitamins. Brown bread and slow process of high blood sugar levels. and also cause permanent and thus provide the body with energy regularity for a long time. Almond paste (satrap): It is very rich in magnesium foods, P hundred grams (original) of almond paste containing 120 mg of magnesium. Cabbage Saki (German turnip): German turnip eating fresh protects the body from infections such as respiratory infections. It contains the German rapeseed (Brassica sommelier) magnesium, potassium, selenium, and a large amount of vitamin C. It contains papers especially on a very large number of vitamins.

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