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5 advice's to lose weight without effort

5 advice's to lose weight without effort

Don't you like diet ? 
need an easy way to lose weight ?
can't do many exercises ? any sport ? 
the best weight loss pills can give you the best help 
only five advises to help you losing weight . 

first : avoid eating any sweets or sugary food because sugar is the most dangerous food for weight . 
and if you needed sugar change sweets with Beads pass . 
. . . . 
second : don't have dinner ( have the last meal before 7 pm ) .. you wouldn't believe that this step is the most important step because it will make you lose about 3:4 kgm per month . (just try it)
. . . . 
third : don't eat till you feel full . . . because that will make your stomach bigger ( so you will need more foo ) just eat till you feel enough I don't need more . 
. . . . 
fourth : avoid any snacks between meals and if you needed energy between meals you can have Beads pass or orange juice . 

fifth : never eat fast food like burger or pizza . . . etc just try to control your self ( you will feel better ) 

and finally if you can move all the time .. run every morning ... do any sport that will make the mission easier for you .
if you can't just be tough with the five advice and surely you will feel better .

another way to lose weight 
you can eat everything you want !!!!! with one condition 
just taste all you want ,but don't eat much . 

more vegetables than rice ... 
because more vegetables means more healthy . because vegetables contains water that will make you feel full . 

you can eat fast meals !! drink tea .. anything outside 
but one condition ... order the smallest size anywhere you go . 

more salad will help you to reach your goal faster because it contains enough water to feel full . 
so, a plate of salad before the meal will always help . 

always leave about quarter of the quantity in the plate . 

. . . 

eat fruits during watching TV ... that will help felling full . 
. . 
have a snack in your bag to avoid restaurants food . 

that's all ... just try one of the two ways and you are going to lose much weight .

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