Childhood Obesity: of cardiovascular complications from the age of 8 years

Childhood Obesity leads to many health problems in the long term. It could even be responsible for cardiovascular diseases, from childhood.

Age of eight years old and already at risk of cardiovascular diseases. Young children in a state of obesity could develop pathologies that were thought own in adulthood.

This observation is the result of a study presented at the scientific session 2015 of the American Heart Association. Childhood obesity was already associated with various problems of physical and psychological health, and recently, in the case of type 2 diabetes among children. But this is the first time that researchers highlight the fact that cardiovascular diseases could appear from the youngest age.

Reversible effects

Forty children participated in the study. Among them, half was normal, the other, obese. Among the latter, no sign seemed to indicate that they were suffering from cardiovascular problems, even if other complications related to their weight, such as asthma or depressive symptoms, were clearly visible.

The children were then all been subjected to a MRI scan. The imaging of their court confirmed the fears of doctors. The young participants suffering from obesity were already, from the age of eight years, signs of poor heart health.

This was reflected by a muscle mass to the level of the left ventricle of the heart 27 per cent more important than normal, and the cardiac muscles 12% thicker than those of their small comrades non-obese. Two signs which increase the risk of cardiac complications in the long term.

The main author of the study, Dr. Linyuan Jing, believes that these results must push the parents to act and to rethink the diet of their children. "The effects of obesity on the heart of young people may be reversible with a healthy diet, but it is also possible that the damages are permanent. This must therefore be a source of additional motivation for parents to ensure their children a hygiene of healthy life", stressed this specialist.

Dark chocolate the best treatment for the heart

 Dark chocolate the best treatment for the heart

The dark chocolate is good for your heart, but especially for your arteries. That should reassure the greedy. We already knew these beneficial properties, but now researchers know why the dark chocolate helps to stay in shape. The results, published in the March issue of the Journal FASEB), detail the benefits of this greediness on several markers of arterial stiffness.

A team from the University of Wageningen (Netherlands) has followed 44 men of middle age (45-70 years) and overweight. They have consumed 70g of chocolate per day on two periods of 4 weeks. Before and after the consumption of chocolate, researchers have practice a battery of test to measure indicators of vascular health. Two groups were formed: the first has received a chocolate rich in flavonol, a chemical compound to the antioxidant properties, the second a black chocolate standard. The two types of chocolate had the same cocoa content.

The flavonol there is for nothing

if the chocolate black avoids the AVC or diabetes, it is for two reasons: it restores the flexibility of arteries and prevents the adhesion of white blood cells on the artery walls. These two factors are known to promote atherosclerosis. Several markers of inflammation are also reduced by the consumption of dark chocolate, with the same results in the two groups. "We provide a more complete picture of the effects of chocolate consumption on the vascular health, and we show that increase the amount of flavonol has no additional beneficial impact. On the other hand, this increased quantity has clearly affects the taste, and therefore the motivation for eating these chocolates", explains Dr. Diederik Esser of the University of Wageningen (Netherlands) and researcher involved in the study. The bitter taste of chocolates rich in flavonol has in effect reduces the envy of taste among the participants.

"The effect of dark chocolate on our body is encouraging, not only because it allows you to have pleasure without feeling guilty, but also because it could lead to therapies with the same effect as the black chocolate with better results and more consistent. However, as long as the "chocolate black medicine" has not been invented, we are going to have to do with what nature has given us! " Analysis Dr. Gerald Weissmann, editor-in-chief of the FASEB)Log.

Carbohydrates burn fat and remove the rumen

There is a common belief that carbohydrates are the first enemy to lose weight, but on the contrary, the body needs carbohydrates as a source of energy that helps you lose weight sources. Know us better starches, which helps to burn fat by site "HEALTH"
Brown rice
Brown rice contains a large amount of minerals and fiber that help you lose weight and feel full.
Oatmeal is one of the foods that help burn fat and a sense of satiety, and that because it contains fiber, it also reduces the risk of heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes type II and helps to build muscle.

It is considered an important source of fiber and minerals that help to lose weight, which is considered a strong alternative to rice or couscous.
Just 3 cups of popcorn helps to lose weight and feeling of fullness, in order to contain a lot of fiber, as well as it contains only 100 calories.
Green peas are considered of starchy vegetables that contain a massive amount of fiber, zinc and minerals that help to produce enzymes that help you feel full, and thus contribute to weight loss.

Lemon handles 12 types of cancers

Citrus fruits, which are intensive studies in laboratories and laboratories world, and the latest findings of medicine in this area was published in the Institute of Health Sciences of the United States of America, confirmed the strange ability to kill cancer cells at a rate of 10 thousand times stronger than chemotherapy.
After more than a test was conducted in 20 testing laboratories in one of the global pharmaceutical companies since 1970 it has been discovered lemon ability to destroy malignant cells in 12 types of cancers, including colon, chest, lung, prostate and pancreatic cancer.
The lemon vehicles slow down the growth of these cells and crashing without damaging healthy cells.
Called lemon title of "Queen of fruit" trees because it is characterized by its diversity of lemon varieties, and can be addressed in different ways and eat the sweet pulp and lemon juice drink.
And is one of the richest fruits in vitamin "b" and "c" are necessary for the formation of red blood and the production of antibodies and the health of teeth and gums and bones balls.
Lemon also depends on addressing cysts and eliminate parasites and worms and microbes and fungi and bacterial organizing a severe blood pressure elevation and the treatment of depression and neurological disorders and the fight against obesity.
Discovery talk to prove its effectiveness against malignant tumors of all kinds and opens the door of hope to the millions of people who suffer from this dangerous disease, plus it is a lifeline for the supply of healthy benefits to escape the cancer and the prevention of infection.

Learn the causes of fat in the buttocks area

There are several reasons leading to collect fat in the buttocks area, including:
- Sitting for long periods because of the nature of the work.
- The status of the wrong stand.
-The intake of sugars and fats.
- The ratio of fat in the buttocks area in women, due to higher estrogen levels increase.
See  get rid of the fat buttocks

How to get rid of the accumulated fat around the buttocks area:

Get rid of the accumulated fat around the buttocks area by:
- Some food tips.
Practice of exercise that works to tighten the muscles of the buttocks.
-a the exercise of the wrong habits that work to be fat in the buttocks area.
This is what will we are introducing in this article ..
Foods that contribute to get rid of the fat buttocks:

Berries, grapefruit and oranges from foods that help you lose weight saluting recommended by the American Council for weight loss, and that the fruit contains a percentage of sugars that the body needs and do not lead to weight gain.

American Council recommends to lose weight eating some vegetables such as spinach and artichoke this green vegetables and beans contain a high proportion of fiber and contribute to the slimming buttocks.

Fat-free foods:
Eating fat-free foods helps slimming buttocks, and include:
- Red fat-free.

-Some Types of fish, such as salmon.
Do not deprive yourself of fat:
It recommended the Harvard School of Public Health eating healthy fats such as:

-olive Oil.

4 steps to get rid of the buttocks without resorting to diet:

The first step:
There are some reasons that work on the accumulation of fat in the buttocks area, you should avoid those reasons, prevention is better than cure, if the nature of your business depends on sitting for long periods of time you have to do some steps to stimulate the muscles of the buttocks such as:
- Up the stairs instead of the elevator.
- Put your car in a remote location.

The second step:
Then put pressure on the buttocks area, pressure on the buttocks area several times a day helps  and practice this exercise while watching TV or while sitting at your desk.

Step Three:
Some slimming exercises contribute to the buttocks and most important of these exercises:
-Develop Squat helps slimming buttocks, as it reduces the incidence of the knees and lower back pain.
-Develop Hands and knees on the floor, and a lifting of the hands and the man opposite her, this exercise works on
Slimming buttocks and reduce back pain.

Step Four:
The use of dumbbells where he works to strengthen the muscles of the buttocks.

Fast diet to lose buttocks and abdomen:
1-reducing calories:
Reducing calories is essential if you want to reduce the fat in your diet
There are some necessary steps to reduce the calories such as:
-bad From eating sugars.
Avoid fried foods.
You will need to compensate for this lack of food containing a high proportion of fiber such as lettuce and cucumbers, you can be addressed between meals when you feel hungry.
2-carbohydrate intake and fat only useful:
You carbohydrate intake and useful fats that help you to maintain your metabolism and help the digestive system to absorb vitamins that your body needs include:
- Whole grains
- Bread.
- Oatmeal.
- Brown rice.
- Salmon.
- Nuts.
- Olive oil.
3. access to adequate quantities of proteins:
Proteins help build muscle in your body is the most important sources of protein:
- Skimmed milk.
- Yogurt.
- Eggs.
- Fat-free meat.
Add those items to your diet helps to reduce weight, and a feeling of fullness.
Is heredity factor in the formation of fat buttocks?
Recent studies have shown that genetics plays an important role in the formation of the buttocks, where increasing fat formation opportunities on the buttocks if a parent is suffering from fat be on the buttocks area.
Studies also pointed to increased formation buttocks fat in women opportunities, due to higher estrogen ratio.
Is Bran contribute to slimming the buttocks?
Bran is working on the feeling of fullness, and is added to bread, and noted some studies that bran contributes to weight loss because they contain a high proportion of fiber process, as the body supplying minerals and essential vitamins, but there is no research indicating the role of bran in slimming buttocks.
Diet of the buttocks .. survey buttocks during the final five days only fact or fiction?
Can you get rid of the buttocks during the 5 days only? Question deserves attention.
Unfortunately some people resort to use some of the recipes that called to get rid of weight quickly, but some of those recipes lead to damage to the body, and do not work on slimming the desired area.
Slimming buttocks includes diet, in addition to the exercise, which works to tighten the muscles of the buttocks.
The risk of fat to accumulate in the buttocks area on health:
More things that bother people who suffer from fat to accumulate around the buttocks area is the outer appearance, lack the body leads to a feeling of malaise, and reduces the consistency of self-confidence.

In addition to the risks for other obesity include:
Increase your chances of developing heart disease.
Increased chances of developing high blood pressure.
Increase your chances of developing diabetes.
In the end, we can summarize the buttocks diet system at several points, including:
1-drinking water:
8-12 eating a cup of water a day working on easily lose weight, and maintain the freshness of your skin.
2-carbohydrate watched carefully:
You can eat a third of your meal carbohydrate materials but be aware of the type of carbohydrates and be sure to eat beneficial carbohydrates, which include:

3. Avoid fried foods as it works to increase the accumulation of fat in the buttocks area.
4-interest in addressing beneficial fats, which include: olive  so do not expose your body to lack of
In minerals and vitamins it needs.
5-remove fat from meat and remove chicken skin before eating.
You diet for slimming the buttocks:
Breakfast: a slice of brown bread + boiled or a piece of cheese skimmed egg.
Food: half a cup of brown rice boiled + a quarter of a chicken without skin or fat-free piece of meat or half a kilo grilled fish or a can of tuna oil refinery + dish of vegetables.
After two hours of food: fruit fruit.
Dinner: a cup of yogurt + fruit 
Vegetables can eat between meals when you feel hungry.
So you some simple steps to get rid of fat around the buttocks .. and always remember that prevention is better than cure.

5 foods help lower blood pressure Killer

High blood pressure is linked to serious illnesses such as heart attacks, strokes, kidney failure, etc., which may cause death. There are drugs which lower blood pressure but there are also foods available everywhere the same job and deserved.
The man who goes beyond blood pressure measurement has a barrier 90/140 mm Hg is considered the German National Institute for people suffering from high blood pressure. And dangerous when high blood pressure is that the symptoms sometimes appear after it is too late; after that may be the cause of damage to the patient. There is a correlation between high blood diseases and kidney failure and heart attack pressure and heart failure and stroke, according to the site said "Gazundhaat identity."
Among the factors that play a role in high blood pressure, age and tobacco smoking, and lack of exercise and unhealthy nutrition, alcoholism, and the pressures of work and others. The chronic diseases such as diabetes as well as high cholesterol levels in the blood also contribute to the development of high blood pressure.
Five foods lower blood pressure
Health experts are advised to change the lifestyle and living in a healthy way through enough sleep, exercise and avoid junk food and eat healthy food. The site advised "Gazundhaat identity" to eat five foods help to lower blood pressure, namely:
First, artichoke:
Three experiments carried out by the German doctor Barbara Feder confirmed that patients who took artichoke extract had lower cholesterol levels in the blood. And tastier taste of the artichoke is when the cook steamed for an hour and then seasoned with olive oil with vegetable butter and garlic.
Second, bananas:
Banana is rich in potassium, responsible for the work of the heart without hindrance. It also plays a major role in regulating blood pressure. According to the website "Gazundhaat identity", citing a study by researchers that eating two bananas a day lowers blood pressure after week by ten per cent.
Thirdly, beets (red beet):
And it can be eaten immediately or put it in power or even drink juice. It showed a British study conducted years ago that "nitrates" in Beet dilutive effect of blood pressure appears after an hour of eating and lasts for 24 hours.
Fourthly, cocoa:
It showed German study conducted in Cologne University Hospital that cocoa can lower blood pressure significantly. And more something where cocoa is chocolate, but addressed the issue of the large number of unhealthy because of the large amount of sugar and cocoa because the existing chocolate has been processed repeatedly. The best thing here is the raw cocoa, it is good for the heart, brain and liver.
Fifthly, garlic:
It is known in the whole world that garlic protects the heart, and helps maintain blood cholesterol is low, and prevents blood clotting, which can cause heart attacks and strokes. According to the reported site "Gazundhaat identity" there have been laboratory experiments showed that eating two lobes of garlic a day lowers blood pressure, and thus helps in the heart safety is essential.

Lemon diet to lose 5 kg in week

How has maintained "Jennifer Aniston" on the grace and beauty? Through follow diet lemon which is one of the simplest types of diet and the most effective in weight loss and the elimination of toxins and break down fats, in addition to medical benefits through the immune gain against colds and flu, as well as eating from 4 to 6 cups of water, and exercise on at least a quarter of an hour a day, according to the site on Health, ""
Diet system:
Mix lemon before eating three meals half an hour.
Salad of fruits such as apples, bananas, pears and pomegranates.
Chicken or grilled fish + green salad.
Vegetable soup or yogurt Lite.
Lemonade work method:
1 lemon juice +2 teaspoon cinnamon + 1/4 teaspoon red pepper +1 liter of water.

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The Amount Of Water Ideal For The Elderly

The Amount Of Water Ideal For The Elderly


German Association for the Care of older persons said that the feeling of thirst decline with age, indicating that it is extremely difficult to determine the ideal amount of water for the elderly. Assembly attributed the reason for this is that this amount depends on several factors, such as health status, body weight and external influences. To determine the amount of water ideal for the elderly Assembly advised to follow the following simple rule: 30 ms liters per kilogram of weight.
The recommended guideline value elderly eating liter and a half to two liters of water a day, taking into account the increase this amount in the light of the high temperature, or when do physical exertion.

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10 Foods Rich In Magnesium

10 Foods Rich In Magnesium


Magnesium necessary for a person metals. It functions to activate the enzymes responsible for supplying the body with energy and control of sugar metabolism. The body does not produce magnesium but claim a food. Known here ten deli rich in magnesium. Bananas: Bananas contain magnesium along with a lot of potassium and vitamin C as well. This all adds up quickly to the brain and improves mood and makes you sleep better. Fish: Are also foods rich in magnesium and more fish rich in magnesium are "fish turbot Giant" and "Common sole" Oranges: Delicious fruit taste and smell good and rich in magnesium. The interest exists, whether it is eating oranges in the form of fresh juice or eat pieces of it directly or put it in desserts and pastries, and others. Nuts: Light, tasty and healthy foods. Besides magnesium nuts contain many nutrients and other value, in the coconut, for example, there folic acid and zinc, riboflavin and vitamin E and K potassium. Lentils: Of delicious beans. It contains one hundred grams of lentils to about 75 mg of magnesium and when the meal includes food and lentil soup or vegetable soup F. This means that you are moving towards a healthy diet and quickly. Natural rice (brown) rice:White rice is distinct from that shell did not remove it completely. It contains one hundred grams of brown rice on 157 mg of magnesium. No more than twice almost the same amount of white rice, which stripped completely shell. Meat birds: Meat birds contain magnesium, this important element of duck meat and frequently, turkeys and geese in particular. Whole-grain bread (brown bread): In addition to the magnesium whole grain bread contains other vital minerals such as iron, sodium, copper, phosphorus, as well as many vitamins. Brown bread and slow process of high blood sugar levels. and also cause permanent and thus provide the body with energy regularity for a long time. Almond paste (satrap): It is very rich in magnesium foods, P hundred grams (original) of almond paste containing 120 mg of magnesium. Cabbage Saki (German turnip): German turnip eating fresh protects the body from infections such as respiratory infections. It contains the German rapeseed (Brassica sommelier) magnesium, potassium, selenium, and a large amount of vitamin C. It contains papers especially on a very large number of vitamins.

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Foods Should Not Be Taken Together In One Meal

Foods Should Not Be Taken Together In One Meal

 Foods Should Not Be Taken Together In One Meal

The digestive immune gate in the body, if you suffer from health problems such as irritable bowel or bloating or constipation or diarrhea or heartburn syndrome, know that your digestive system is the reason or part of the problem, which can cause bigger problems in the whole body, such as allergies, arthritis, autoimmune diseases, rashes, acne, mood disorders and cancer. So nutrition experts advised the need to take care of it, and the immune system by ensuring the meals, to know that the food should not be taken together, such as: Bread and jam Longer eat white bread with jam is very harmful, in the bread and jam contain high levels of sugar, which will lead to high blood sugar dramatically. Muffin and lemon juice Have you ever felt like laziness and drowsiness after taking the two together? This is because both contain large amounts of sugar, which is stored between tissues and muscles, followed by a rapid decline in blood sugar. Tomato and Cheese The tomato mixture and cheese meals of months, but the most serious, addressed together cause lower energy levels in the body and affects the intestines and digestive movement, tomatoes contain a large proportion of amine acids and is fit dealt with dairy or carbohydrates because all meals vehicle. Banana milk Eating mixture "Amethyst" or banana milk has also weigh, mix bananas with milk slows down the digestion process dramatically. Eat more than one source of protein in the meal Considered foods containing protein, such as meat, fish, poultry, eggs, legumes, foods that are difficult to digest because they remain a long time in the stomach. So in order to avoid bloating and gases, is recommended to take only one class in the meal.


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